The installation of a green roof must be well planned and executed to ensure the success of the roofs performance.  At Green Top we understand the importance of executing the details that make the difference. Green Top can install any type of green roof system, be it plant in place, mats or trays. We will work with project managers, contractors and homeowners to achieve a well coordinated, quick and successful installation.


Green Top ensures that the proper components are used for any style of installation, with a particular eye towards using local and recycled materials. Wherever possible, we source materials, plants, and labor locally. This drastically cuts the amount of embodied energy that goes into our roofs and begins to close the material loop. We do this while not adding significantly to project cost and often lowering them.

Our installation crews are well trained, conscientious, and engaged. Our goal is to find people who work hard and care about what they’re doing, then compensate them properly. We believe these are crucial keys to a successful project. and to creating a world that works for all.