The most important aspect of green roof design is to design for the customers needs. Carefully listening and understanding a clients wants and needs has us a design a roof that is appropriate. If the primary goal is stormwater management, and is on top of a building where it is rarely seen, we won’t spend much time on elaborate aesthetics, but will concentrate on the best plants and soil composition to meet that goal. On the other hand, if the green roof is to be enjoyed by people often, we want it to be beautiful, calming and inspiring. In addition to the performance of the plants and soil, we design for color, texture, topography, and seasonal flows.


We often work with architects to produce the best designs for our clients. Architects are appreciative of our ability to help fill information gaps and our experience helps them make their designs and ideas successful. We believe firmly in the value of teamwork to achieve excellent results for our clients. Our work with homeowners always leaves them with a expanded knowledge of green roofs and their benefits, a certain sense of expertise.

At Green Top we do have a preference for plant in place installations. Plant in place offers a large degree of design and material flexibility and  can be started with seeds, cuttings, plugs or mats. Most often we use a combination of these. Green Top wants to give clients the best bang for their buck, all things considered. Plant in place usually allows us to do that. That said, we don’t let our bias blind us to our customers wants and to conditions which warrant a different type of system. Conditions and methods change, especially  in a young industry like green roofs, so we do what we know works and stay open to improvement. Our constant research provides us with up to date and effective solutions.

Green Top provides design separately or integrated in to a projects total cost.