Greentop answers your most frequently asked questions about green roof design, construction and maintenance.


How do I know my roof can support the weight of a green roof?

First, green roofs can be installed with a range of weights, going from 10 lbs a square ft to well over 20 lbs per sq ft. If in doubt have an engineer or architect assess the weight bearing capacity of your roof.

Do they need to be watered?

Green roofs need watering during the establishment phase, which is normally 12-18 months. After that, they only require watering during drought conditions.

How do green roofs save energy?

Green roofs can help conserve energy and lower costs by cooling roofs in the summer and providing insulation in the winter, cutting electric and gas bills.

Do solar panels work on a green roofs?

Yes, because the plants keep the roof cooler, and solar panels are able to create more electricity.