Green roofs for commercial building projects


Green roofs on commercial buildings present many opportunities to create new outdoor amenity spaces. Green roofs also benefit commercial properties, by allowing the building to meet all or part of its stormwater retention plan. The larger scale of most of these projects can also provide unique challenges, such as requiring a crane or other special equipment to move materials.

Greentop is experienced and prepared to meet the challenges of installing green roofs on commercial buildings.


LEED Certification

LEED is certification system meant to evaluate how sustainable – or even regenerative – the construction, systems and materials of a given project are. The scoring is based on a point system; designers are encouraged to use the points to establish a grade, or ranking, ranging from bronze to platinum in the pursuit of certification. The certification is prestigious and each point garnered is valuable. Green roofs can add as much as 15 points to a score, make them an important factor in any LEED project.