LEED and Other Certifications

Green Certifications like LEED, NAHB Green, or The living Building Challenge, among many others, analyze the the sustainability of a building’s construction and awards points towards a certificate . These certifications offer prestige to a project, can increase a buildings value and can help the owners qualify for certain incentives. A green roof by Green Top helps building qualify for a certificate.

The following are some of the areas for which LEED awards credits. Because Green Top uses re-purposed and recycled materials in our growing medium, your project may qualify for innovation credits.

Sustainable Sites (Potential credit of 6 out of 14 points)

SS Credit 5: Protect or restore habitat and maximize open space: (1 points)

SS Credit 6: Storm water design (quantity): (1 points)

SS Credit 7.1: Heat island e­ffect (1 points)

Water Efficiency (Potential credit of 2 points)

WE Credit 3: Water efficient landscaping (2 points)

Materials and Resources (Potential of 4 points)

MR Credit 4.1 & 4.2 Recycle content (2 points)

MR Credit 5.1 & 5.2: Regional materials (2 points)

Energy and Atmosphere (Potential up to 10 points)

EA Credit 1.1 to EA 1.19

Innovation and Design Process ID (Potential credit of 4 points)

Combined with compost, the entire composition of a growing medium is now reused, a major step towards closing the sustainability loop.