Can my building support the weight of a green roof?

An extensive green roof by Green Top has soil between 2″ to 6″deep and weighs between 12 lbs. to 20 lbs. per square ft. . While many roofs in the Buffalo NY area can bear that extra weight, each roof must be evaluated individually to determine its load bearing capacity. If necessary, an engineer will offer an assessment. Roofs that don’t initially meet the requirements can often be retrofitted to bear extra weight. Unfortunately, some buildings are inappropriate for a green roof.

How much does a green roof cost?

Many factors go into the price of a green roof, such as planting system,soil depth, plant selection and ease of access to the roof. Generally, Green Top’s prices are for everything that is installed above the roofing membrane. An installed green roof by Green Top will cost between $8. and $20. per sq. ft.

Can I put a green roof on my sloped roof?

Yes! Do a search for “green roofs Norway” and you’ll see some stellar examples of pitch green roofs. There is extra cost to install a roof like this, but Green Top will do what it takes to make its customers happy.

Can I grow food on my roof?

Yes. You can grow hearty drought tolerant herbs like rosemary, thyme, and chives on a green roof very successfully. Many believe that growing food on available roof space is part of resilient development. If you want to grow plants like peppers or tomatoes, deeper, richer soils are required, as well as irrigation. These factors will affect the weight and complexity of a project. I grow rosemary, thyme, strawberries, sage and chives on mine.

Do I need to water my green roof?

A green roof by Green Top will need some watering during the first year or so depending on the planting system and the weather. The idea is that the first year is the establishment phase, or the time when the roots get into the soil enough to grab essential nutrients and water. If it is a wet year the roof may not need any water at all, if it a drought year, the roof will need some water. Proper follow up maintenance helps determine the need for supplemental watering. I believe it safe to install a temporary irrigation system for the first one to two years for large installations.

Do green roofs need to be weeded?

Yes, all green roofs will need at least a little weeding. How much depends upon on a couple of key factors. One, how well established and filled in the plants are at installation. Pre-grown  sedum mats, for example are at least 80% filled in at installation, leaving little room for weeds to grow. Secondly, some locations just naturally collect more windblown weed seed and consequently need more weeding.

What kind of plants are on a green roof?


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