There are many benefits to Green Roofs. Some people choose them for strictly environmental reasons, some to save money, and others for the sheer beauty of having lives plants on the roof. You may be the type that wants it all. Please see some of the benefits below.

      • Creates Greenspace

      • Prolongs the life of the roof, and reduces materials to landfills

      • Cools the roof and building, saving energy

      • Reduces rain runoff by up to 90%

      • Quiets the Building

      • Sequesters Carbon

      • Provides Habitat for Birds and Bees

      • Reduces UV Damage to Roof Membrane

      • Takes Stress off of  Stormwater Systems

      • Reduces Beach Closure Due to Pollution from Storm Sewer

      • Reduces Roof Replacement Costs

      • Reduces Old Roofing In Landfills

      • Cleans Rainfall Through Filtration and Biological Process

      • Promotes Health and Happiness

      • Reduces Heat Island Effect

      • Saves Money on Heating and Cooling

      • Earns Green Street Cred

      • Increases PV Efficiency