Adding a green roof to any building is a sustainable investment that can increase its value and reduce monthly energy costs.


Green roofs, also known as vegetated roofs, eco roofs or living roofs, are systems for putting living plants on the roof of a building. Green Roofs are not just eye candy, they are a functional addition to a building with an intriguing aesthetic.

Lowering energy cost with a green roof

Besides giving a new look to what was once a plain roof,  green roofs can increase the efficiency of a building by keeping spaces temperature regulated. Acting as a natural form of insulation, the plants on a green roof create a natural cooling effect that lowers air conditioning costs. In the winter, the insulating effect helps to lower heating costs as well.

Reduce storm water run off with a natural drainage system

As one component of a green infrastructure system, green roofs play an increasingly important role in reducing storm water runoff into combined sewers that often overflow into lakes and streams during large storm events. Green roofs can help buildings meet NYS stormwater capture criteria and should be a proven part of any CSO mitigation plan.

Combining a green roof with solar panels

Using solar panels in tandem with a green roof may not seem like a natural fit, but did you know that having a green roof can actually increase the efficiency of your solar panels?  Solar panels produce more electricity when they are kept cool and protected from overheating.


Green roofs play an important role in improving our natural environment. By creating green space on top of the footprint of a building we are replacing some of the natural space that was lost to development. This green space provides many environmental benefits including providing important habitat for pollinators, fungi and soil microbes, cleaning our air and water, keeping our cities cooler and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. These benefits extend beyond the individual owners and users of the building, creating a cleaner and more sustainable environment for all of us.

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