About Green Top

Green Top has grown out of the owner’s work in the Natural Building Industry. As a builder of strawbale homes and super energy efficient buildings, he has always had a commitment to to sustainable and regenerative construction which led to combining green roofs with his building projects.  Green Top was born of a commitment to the environment and is driven by the imperative to innovate. We are constantly experimenting with growing mediums, plants, watering systems, planting systems and whatever else we think can be improved on. We are informed by the results of our own work and by the latest research into green roofs.

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Green Top operates primarily in Western New York which gives us unique knowledge of our climate and weather and allows us to design to those conditions. We work with the top growers within 300 miles to source our plants. Our growers, like us, are dedicated to innovation and quality and always help provide the right plants for the job, be it cuttings, plugs, mats, or trays.

Green Top can work with architects and designers to install any type of system, from plant in place to trays or mats. Our maintenance contracts can help insure the long term success of a clients green roof investment, even if we didn’t install it. We really believe green roofs can save the world, and are always looking for ways ensure that projects are successful.